#4 Reasons for why you should be using Instagram Reels to grow your brand’s social media reach!


Instagram Reels is Facebook’s fun little way to compete with Tik-Tok. This new feature allows you to make creative and engaging 15-30 second videos set to music as well as other features and ways to personalize your videos in a dynamic manner. Reels are quickly becoming one of the best and most efficient ways to make your brand’s social media content more engaging! In this article, we’ll explain why!

#1 Low-Competition, High-Exposure 

If maximizing your social media audience is on your brand’s priority list, you should be posting Instagram Reels on a weekly basis beginning ASAP. Considering that Reels is a new built-in function on Instagram, you can bet that the algorithm is working on your side if you decide to be an early adopter of this new feature. When Facebook rolls out a new function it gives priority reach-wise to content using the new feature. Users, including ourselves, are reporting much higher engagement from reels than from other Instagram content. However, a consideration you may want to make before spending too much time and energy developing reels is whether your brand’s target audience has overlap with those avidly viewing reel content (Millennials and Gen Z-ers). Our fitness brand, Infinite Fitness, has recently begun adopting Instagram Reel content into our social media strategy and has seen higher engagement rates than ever before. Fitness just happens to be one of the hottest verticals for making Reels on Insta, so we know that our particular success may not extend to all business verticals — nonetheless, we think using reels can provide a relative boost in your audience and reach on Instagram. To get a glimpse of our success using Instagram Reels for Infinite fitness, visit the hyperlink below to view our Reels!

Click here to watch our Reels! 

#2 Ease of Use 

Another attractive benefit to incorporating Instagram reels into your social media strategy is the feature’s ease-of-use. After you’ve done it once, putting together a snappy 15-second reel can be done in two shakes. This being said, the success of the Reel heavily depends on how well curated the content is and whether or not it is executed in a creative and eye-catching way. After a bit of, A and B testing we have a few tips for making reels that make their way onto the Reel’s discovery page for a moment in the limelight. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing — kind of a no-brainer but making sure you do everything you can to make sure the Reel is as visually pleasing as possible is key. This means making sure those in the video are engaging and fun as well as making sure the timing and delivery of any text in the Reel brings value to it effectively. 
  • Check optimal times for posting — we’ve noticed some variance in performance when Reels were posted at different times. As this feature is new, this is changing constantly so just make sure to refer to a good ol’ Google search for advice on posting times. 
  • Music choice — finding music that is somewhat synchronized to the reel both contextually and rhythmically is a large factor in your Reel’s success. A good idea for getting clued in on what’s hip at the moment is watching your Reels discovery page. You can even save the audio of other people’s reels allowing you to acquire music that way.  

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a Reel:


#3 Instagram is Here to Stay

There’s a lot of discussion about whether Instagram’s introduction of the Reels feature could be the beginning of the end for Tik-Tok. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Facebook adapt another social media feature rendering it quasi-obsolete. We won’t know until we know, but it’s safe to say betting on Instagram is a smart move. 

#4 Fun and Creative Way to Give Users a Look Into Your Brand’s Values

While creating Reels may seem a bit trivial, like many aspects of social media. Its trivial and fun nature is exactly its benefit. Making funny and engaging reels that provide context into your brand’s values and mission subtly will reinforce a positive sentiment in followers’ perception of your brand as well as reveal to users who are not following you what your brand’s all about.